Expanding the Book Trade Across Africa:, A Study of Current Barriers and Future Potential

Although there has been an enormous expansion of publishing in Africa over the past decade, few countries are able to provide the full range of good quality, relevant material that a growing reading public requires. In the renewed struggle to combat illiteracy, there have been persistent calls for more cross-border trade and co-publishing ventures.However, book access is thwarted from reaching its full potential by the taxes and legislative procedures that affect the growing book trade both within and between countries. Based on research in ten African countries and in selected regional economic community organisations, this joint ADEA/APNET (African Publishers Network) publication identifies the barriers and puts forward solutions that are applicable throughout the continent.This is essential reading for writers, publishers, booksellers, Ministers of Education, Commerce, Communications, Trade and Finance and anyone who believes that access to knowledge and information is one of the keys to Africa's future success., eng

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Perspectives on African Book Development Series, No. 7.
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