Capitalization of action research on pathways between general education and vocational training

In Senegal, the articulation between general education (both formal and nonformaleducation) and vocational training is a top priority in the educationalpolicies designed to combat poverty and promote sustainable development.This was the aim of the experiment called «Reducing poverty by teaching entrepreneurshipat lower secondary and Daaras (Islamic) schools».This experiment conducted at two secondary schools, in the regions of St Louis(CEM1 at the Richard Toll School) and Tambacounda (CEM at the AFIA Schoolin Tamba) and a Daara school in the region of Louga (the Nurul Islam school inGuéoul), has yielded some encouraging results which suggest that the projectshould be pursued. The strong points of this project were mainly as follows:1. It has benefited from strong commitment on the part of the actors (heads ofestablishment, pupils, parents, and partners) in this experiment;2. Pupils in Saint-Louis and Tamba have obtained the vocational competencecertificate (CAP). The number of applications for vocational training at uppersecondary level has increased at technical educational establishments;3. Functional economic interest groups have been set up by and for Daaraleavers to promote the transition to work of these pupils;4. Functional and more strongly supported units still exist to cater for futureDaara boarders joining the system;5. Special integration funds have been deposited at mutual savings and lendingbanks;6. Synergies have developed between several sectors involved in educationand development; 7. The experiment was strongly supported at both central and deconcentrated/decentralised levels.This experiment has therefore been selected by several partners (UNDP, ILO,UNIDO, ADEA) as an example of good practices which could be adoptedwith a view to improving educational policies in western African countries,or even throughout the African continent, after making suitable contextualmodifications

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Beyond Primary Education: Challenges of and Approaches to Expanding Learning Opportunities in Africa
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